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What A Personal Family Reunion Website Can Do

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Fimark's Family Reunion 
Planner Social Web App

Planning Your Family Reunion

Your First Step: Review the web app features and access Fimark's Family Reunion Social web app below. This event planning package will guide you through the reunion planning process enabling you to plan, organize and manage your event.  

The event planning application loads in your browser so you'll have all the tools you need right at your fingertips.  

Once you've purchased Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Social Web app you will then be an official member of The Family Reunion Planners Groups. As a Family Reunion Planners Group member you will have access to our support team via

Web App Feature
Attendee Registration Spreadsheet with Data Entry 
Access Your Facebook Friends and Family Social Demographics Database 
This searchable database contains catergorized information on each header users interests in sports, music. books and movies, bio, schools, employment history, dates of birth, relationship status, hometown and residence.
Family Reunion Planner Timeline Checklist 5 Invitational Flyers Templates
Family Reunion To Do Checklist Maker Keepsake History Booklet Maker 
Craft, and Recipe Organizer  3 Honorary Award Certificate Templates
Send Surveys - Use Results Estimator T-shirt Designer and Online Order System
Banquet Dinner/Luncheon Program Templates T-shirt Roster Speadsheet
5 Reunion Themes each with Theme Planner       Greeting Cards, Name Tags, Tent Cards
Itinerary & Banquet Program Planner Reunion Theme Picker
Send Online Invitations and RSVP Stats Google Optimized For Google Plus Users
Event Cost Estimator and Budget List Facebook Optimized For Facebook Users
Family Reunion Planner Social Browser Web App - System Requirements:
PC Device:    Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Andriod SmartPhone, Desktop, Laptop, Notebook
Platform:      Windows OS, Linux, Apple, Android, iOS
Hard Drive:  100 MB minimum
Video Card:  800x600 minimum resolution and 8-bit/256 colors (24-bit or higher recommended)
Browser:     Google Chrome, Safari, IE 8 or higher, Fire Fox or compatibles browsers
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