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Hotels /  Resorts / Resorts / Retreats / Time Shares
The book contains a hotel accomodations worksheet, possible locations worksheet and location evaluation worksheet. Hotel and resort managers will see the value in offering the keepsake guide to family reunion committee members visiting facility in consideration of an upcoming reunion event.  Hotel and resort Managers can slip in a special welcome letter and brochure between the guides pages along with discount offers to attendees who choose to return for their next reunion event or family vacation. It’s the perfect hospitality gift!  

Cruise Lines
The book contains a family reunion cruise planner and travelers packing checklist . Cruise line captains and marketing personel can add a special welcome letter and brochure between the guides pages along with discount offers to attendees who choose to return for their next reunion event or family vacation. It’s the perfect hospitality gift!    

Download the marketing and sales materials for presentations to individual reunion planners, reunion planning committees, retailers, hotel/resort/cruise lines and event planning workshop instructors. 

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Event Planning Workshop Instructors
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Reunion Planning Committees
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