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Reunion Poetry:

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Fimark Home Online is promoting family values in the month of November and for good reason. November is Family Reunion Planning Month. So what's this annual month long observance all about. To raise awareness of family values and bring the family closer by focusing on family activities everyone can enjoy. 

Enjoying the Autumn Season During Family Reunion Planning Month

2. Collect and try out family recipes
3. Collect family photos and make a family tree scrapbook
4. Plan a family reunion yourself
5. Write a blog about the observance of family reunions and family life.
6. Collect stories about meaningful family reunion events
7. Sponsor the Movement by offering your business services to promote reunion event planning
8. Contribute to community services by volunteering as a family

Families take the time to define roles, reward hard work and hone skills that contribute to good family management. It's a time to provide the family with an identity everyone can be proud of, a purpose that gives meaning and value to family life and get involved in something fulfilling everyone will enjoy. How will you be observing this event? Here are some great ideas.

Genealogy Presentations

Perform genealogy research and find out the contributions made in society or the historic markers in which your family lived.   Does your family have talent? Discover family talents such as story telling, genealogy presentations, performing historic skits. Create a compelling family novel, movie or genealogy presentation. Put your performance or presentation online via Youtube, Pinterest or other social media and inspire the world to maintain family first values during Novembers Annual Family Reunion Planning Month.

Family Talent Shows

If your family is really talented spend some of Family Reunion Planning Month practicing for a family or community talent show. Present a song in concert with a family reunion theme or a G-rated and parent approved family comedy. Other ideas my include puppetry, dance or acrobatics, arts and crafts or theatrical skills. Enjoy it just for family fun.

Create and perform a skit regarding family life featuring important family values taut in a creative, meaningful and inspiring way.  Example:  the "Home Improvement" sitcoms.


Schools and other organizations can hold Annual Family Reunion Planning Month family talent show contests where each act pays tribute to family in a meaningful and creative way. Proceeds can be used to help families pay for text books, supplies or be used as scholarships for the talented. Offering a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to winners.

Radio and TV Talk Show Hosts

Talks show hosts can feature family talent shows, family reunion recipes fun DIY games and DIY craft ideas for family reunion decor, gifts and party favors. Offer a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to attendees. Proceeds toward Annual Family Reunion Planning Month promotions by Legendary Heritage Heirlooms family reunion planning group. A Fimark Home Online division.

Travel Agencies

Travel and vacation specialists can present family talent shows at ideal destinations for family reunions and feature special offers to groups who book early in observance of Annual Family Reunion Planning Month. 

Make use of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning textbook and hold a Family Reunion Planning Workshop. Consider having a Family Reunion Planning Webinar online. Hold a reunion planning podcast on location during Autumn fests at exotic locations. Offer a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to attendees.

Book Stores

Libraries and bookstores can feature books with titles and themes centered on  family reunion celebrations. Donate toward the Annual Family Reunion Planning Month movement by purchasing family reunion planning books at

Book proceeds toward Annual Family Reunion Planning Month promotions by Legendary Heritage Heirlooms family reunion planning group. A Fimark Home

Business Sponsorship

Vendors can sponsor the movement by contributing a free service, supply or making a donation to the Family Reunion Planning group promoting the observance. On a local level businesses can offer a discount to patrons who are planning their next family reunion.  

How can your business aid the process of planning, organizing or managing a family reunion event? Print the info graphics and add your business card or company stamp and use them as handouts to patrons in your business area. Hold a contest and offer a free copy of Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Guide and Keepsake to winners.

Family Reunion Cruise Ideas

Want to rest, relax, unwind and enjoy a vacation reunion celebration? 

That's the whole ideas behind family reunion cruises. You'll find activities the whole family can enjoy. Boredom is not an option when something exciting, engaging and fascinating is always happening aboard ship. Most family reunion cruisers atree. You can't go wrong with a cruise vacation. Read more about fun fantastic and lively
Family Reunion Cruises


Great Family Reunion Entertainment Ideas

What to do? You won't believe your eyes when you start using the family reunion activities lookup feature. 

Find fun entertaining family reunion activities just a click away. Find out what's going on in your events hometown. Lookup parks, concerts tourist attractions, bus and train trips, cruises and shows happening at your reunion events destination and map out your reunion itinerary. Start planning now.
Lookup Reunion Fun!


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