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Fimark's Family Reunion Booklet

Includes: A Beautiful Booklet Cover, Page to place a copy of the Welcome Letter
from Town Officials, Our Family History Page, In Memoriam Page,
Dinner Banquet Program, Family Business Cards Display, Address/Phone Directory,
Acknowledgements, Blank Templates for adding other features including reunion events,
other photos and more.


Booklet Cover Chairperson Welcome Official Welcome History Page In Memoriam Reunion Activites
Dinner Program Family Businesses Address/Phone Directory Acknowledgements Blank Template


Family Reunion Booklet Cover Chairperson Welcome Letter Welcome From
Local Officials
Chairman Welcome template comes with Family Reunion
Welcome Letter samples with suggested document and  
text format
Our Family History In Memoriam Outline of Activities
Dinner Banquet Program Family Business Cards Family Address Directory

Acknowledgements Blank Sheets
Great For Adding 
Family Crest, Family History Digest, Photos of Heirlooms, Honored Elders, Ancestors, Reunion Event Scrapbook and More


Additional Family Reunion Booklet Inserts included:

The Genealogy Presentation Templates Bundle 

Make your family reunion booklet much more family personal when you add records such as the family tree/pedigree and any other genealogy research presentation pages. Consider adding the Genealogy Bundle to your family reunion booklet.


Family Tree - Pedigree Template

Family Group Templates

Family Heirloom Templates

Military Research Worksheet Template

Cemetary Location Template


Plus Get 8 Printable Family Reunion Poems including:
 "Finding Our Way Home" and "We Rise To Tell The Story"

Includes The Family Reunion Welcome Package: 
Welcome Letter, Itinerary, Banquet Dinner Program, Follow-up Questionaire

All these templates are a part of Fimark's Family Reunion Plannner Social web app.

Download edit and print the Family Reunion Keepsake Booklet 
and associated templates when you get access to

The Award Winning 
Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app

Includes the Reunion Planner Checklist, Attendee Registration Spreadsheet, 
Dues Ledger, T-shirt Roster, Budget Estimator Calculator with Supplies Checklist, 
Event Creator with Invitation Sender
Fimark's Family Reunoin Planner eBook with Family Recipe Compiler
Great Fund Raising Ideas
RSVP Status Report - Directions amd Mapping
Email, Chat, Text Messaging and much more

Free Trial Family Reunion Website with Fund Raiser Plus Sell Tickets To The Event

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