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Fun Family Reunion Games

Finding fun and exciting games that will keep your teenagers engaged can be a very difficult task to say the least.  So why not introduce games and activities that are similar to the entertainment they love.


Popular television games can be modified to the fit your family reunion theme and constructive objectives such as getting to know family better. Highlight interesting features of family history and teach the value of family heritage. 

Many teens  and adults enjoy popular games based on television shows like Deal or no Deal or the usual games with a twist such as the following.

Water hose tug of war. Poke holes in the water hose and put a small wading pool in the center of the gaming area. Each team tries to pull the other into the pool. 

Race Track Relay (will need a race track)

Family Reunion Olympics" with games and sports events for different age groups as well as mixed age teams.  It's a lot of fun.


Family Reunion Jigsaw Puzzle Race
Assemble the jig-saw puzzle. Using previous years family reunion photo create two card table sized jigsaw puzzles from the photo. Each team races to assemble the puzzle and guess the phrase. 

Family Reunion Spelling Bee
Must spell full names (including middle names) of family members close and distant.

"Survivor" Style Games. 
These games are meant to be played with bare feet or in sandals. The gamesand contestants are played within a circle or island. 

Amazing Race 
This game is based on televisions amazing race  Very exciting and loads of fun. A family vs. family competition that tests the limits of patience, self-control, unity and all that other stuff.

American Idol Talent Show featuring singing, Dance with the Family Stars. and Stand Up Comedy. 

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