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Family Reunion Ideas family reunion ideas
If your family reunion is scheduled on a long weekend and you're spending it with the immediate and extended family here are a few ideas to make for a fun filled family event.  

1. Tour the homestead of ancestors. Research their place of employment, drive the cars, use the tools and operate machines built generations ago. Get your video camera out and make a family fun day documenting your adventures while on tour. Capture intriguing and downright silly sibling antics for an entertaining family movie.

2. Get your taste buds ready for a food fest. While on tour visit the local restaurants and try out recipes your ancestors loved to eat.  Have your own family food festival at a pot luck picnic in the park or spacious backyard.

3. Head for the hills. Grab your gear and take a hike at your local state park. Boat, fish, bird watch and go on the hunt for the evening meal. Visit local farms and enjoy the delicasies of natures bounty.


4. Already had your family reunion this summer? Get the family together for an evening looking back. Look over photos and put together a fun family reunion slideshow or newsletter. 

5.  This is a great time to talk about your family history in relationship to the varied jobs family members performed over the past 200 years to make ends meet. From nursing to nanny, door to door sales to office management and everything in between.

6. Book a family reunion cruise and take advantage of seasonal specials and discounts. Pamper yourself and get that much needed rest while enjoying the extended family. Book a Family Reunion Cruise.

Download prewritten dinner programs and theme related itineraries. Select from 6 beautiful printable family reunion poems. Checkout the colorful family reunion t-shirt ensembles and get your reunion gear on.

Think you know your family members well? You might be surprised. Many of them have hobbies, interests and talents you never they had. Then put the word out about the upcoming Family Reunion Talents Show. 

7. Get to know your extended family members interests before planning the event. How? Find out using Fimark's Family Reunion Social personal event planning interface.  It includes a database that's preloaded with family demographic information like interests in sports, movies, books, music and hobbies. Read their profile blurb and get interesting details regarding job skills and education. This information is ideal when determining who best qualifies for event planning tasks.

8. If you're having a large reunion event Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social database is a great resource for breaking the ice. Look up each attendees favorite music artists. Compile a reunion music list using a few of everyones favorite song titles. It's designed to help you make your event a bit more nostalgic and personal for everyone in attendance. It's also a great place to start for gift giving ideas.


Event Planners That Inspire Great Ideas

The weekend is a great time to start planning your next family reunion. So take the time to get inspired
using Fimark's Family Reunion Social personal event planning interface. You'll find it has the ideal newsletter template, keepsake booklet maker, reunion flyers and family reunion poems that are just right for the occassion.  

Try out some of the 1000 family recipes, scores of family reunion crafts and make use of the family reunion event announcement and survey features. 

What? Don't have Fimark' Family Reunion Planner Social yet? Good news. Access to your personal event planning web interface is reduced from $49 to only $39 for a limited time. Get Fimark's Family Reunion Social personal event planning interface and get started on your family reunion event planning right now.

Family Reunion Cruise Ideas

Want to rest, relax, unwind and enjoy a vacation reunion celebration? 

That's the whole ideas behind family reunion cruises. You'll find activities the whole family can enjoy. 

Boredom is not an option when something exciting, engaging and fascinating is always happening aboard ship. 

Most family reunion cruisers atree. You can't go wrong with a cruise vacation. Read more about fun fantastic and lively Family Reunion Cruise Ideas


Get even more creative fascinating and memorable family reunion theme and activity ideas using 
Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide Book.

Great Family Reunion Entertainment Ideas

What to do? You won't believe your eyes when you start using the family reunion activities lookup feature. 

Find fun entertaining family reunion activities just a click away. Find out what's going on in your events hometown. 

Lookup parks, concerts tourist attractions, bus and train trips, cruises and shows happening at your reunion events destination and map out your reunion itinerary. 

Get family reunion entertainment ideas you never knew you could. Start planning now. Lookup Reunion Entertainment


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