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planning with your socially connected world.

  Your remarkable journey begins.

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Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social includes the following features and and web applications...
  • Choose From Five Reunion Themes and  Associated Reunion Planners
  • Follow a Step by Step Checklist Guide
  • Send Reunion Surveys Online
  • Create Reunion Events 
  • Instantly Delivered Invitations
  • View RSVP Stats
  • View Invitees Demographics and Insterests
  • Send Event Updates
  • Hold Online Conferences with Live File  Sharing and Editing
  • Share and Print over 300 Recipes
  • Enjoy Family Craft Projects
  • Read the Reunion Planner eBook Offline
  • Edit and Print Reunion Templates including Flyers, Itineraries, Dinner Programs, etc.
  • The Budget Cost Estimator
  • The Receptional Hall Floor Planner
  • Write Family Reunion Newsletters


  • The family contacts feature connects to your facebook account when logged in so you won't have to start your guest list from scratch.

  • Use the step by step family reunion planning checklist so you won't miss a task.

  • Send out prewritten theme and related activities surveys with auto-calculated likes.

  • Create events right from your family reunion planner

  • Send invitations quick and easy to individuals in your contacts.

  • Enjoy over 300 family reunion recipes

  • Access fun family reunion craft projects

  • Access slideshow apps

  • Print Worksheets using the family reunion planner in PDF format

  • Shop the family reunion store complete with recommended products

  • Read the latest in family reunion planning at Fimark's Family Reunion Planning web blog

  • Import your rsvp data into the family reunion planner spreadsheet

  • Use the pre-written theme based itineraries for each family reunion theme or make your own using the itinerary template

  • Use the pre-written theme based  Luncheon/Dinner program for each family reunion theme or make your own using the itinerary templates
Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social Interface
Optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers  
Everything you need to Plan, organize and manage your next family reunion.  Features access to top social apps from one interface. Read RSVP stats right from your interface. Print recipes. Get family reunion venue and accommodation recommendations, ratings and reviews. Find discount travel packages and book from the interface.  
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Invitees Interest List Data Table

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app includes a searchable, sortable Invitees Interest List table that creates lists of friends and family in  demographic groups including month or year of birth, gender, relationship status, education, skills, likes and interests to help you plan activities everyone will enjoy, delegate tasks to experienced candidates and choose talented family members for entertainment, food preparation, cultural presentations, genealogy, poem recitals, etc. Buy Now 

Make Use of Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social event planning Spreadsheet

Includes guest list and t-shirt roster.

Import your complete events Guest List
into the Family Reunion Planner Spreadsheet
and keep up with dues payments,
family reunion surveys, t-shirt orders,
department volunteers and more.


Fimark's  Family Reunion Planner eBook

While Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social web app is designed for desktop and laptop devices running on the Windows platform, It includes and makes reference to  Fimark's  Family Reunion Planner ebook which is designed to serve as a stand alone reunion planning guide for use on your mobile and desktop devices. This ebook is rendered in pdf format.

Fimark's  Family Reunion Planner ebook includes several event planning checklists, worksheets, tips and  links to event planning tools. 

Get the stand alone eBook rendered in ePub format at

 Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social wep app includes
the Reception Hall Floor Planner

After editing the recommended Reunion Banquet Dinner Program set up the reception hall floor plan to accommodate the services and features of the program. Buy Now 


Download - Edit and Print Flyers, Worksheet, Poems and More On Demand

  • Access theme templates you can edit and print yourself or order bulk printing services from the interface.
  • Print a Family Reunion Planner Checklist.
  • Edit and Print Family Reunion Keepsake Booklets
  • Edit and Print Family Reunion Newsletters
  • Download Edit and Print Flyers, Cards, Poems. Logos and Departmental Worksheets.
  • Print Surveys, Welcome Letters
  • Print Post-Reunion Questionaires.
  • Edit and Print from Sample Itinerary Templates available for each theme.
  • Use the T-shirt designer to design theme t-shirts or choose from predesigned theme based t-shirt.
  • Create matching caps, shirts and aprons.
  • Print out spreadsheet input data from the family reunion planner in spreadsheet formats
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The Family Reunion Planner guides you through the event planning process and prompts the reunion planner to hold 
committee meetings online.

Conferencing apps, widgets and tools are readily available on Fimark's  reunion planner interface.

Chat, Video Conference, Send SMS Text, Skype, Tweet and send email via multiple webmail providers. 

There's virtually nothing you can't do via your Family Reunion Planner Social interface.

Use your social account to set up file sharing while holding live video conferences online.
Access family members your way right from Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social's interface.

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Buy Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social Web App 

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     Configured for Google Chrome andFirefox Browsers

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