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Family Reunion Planning Month
An annual observance for the purpose of of planning the next family reunion and thereby strengthening family ties.  

Family Reunion Planning Month
Fimark's Family Reunion Planning organization designates November as "Family Reunion Planning
Month". The purpose of the observance is to raise awareness of the need to promote and maintain family values. During this month families are encouraged to commence planning and organizing the family reunion event.

10 to 12 months is usually all that's needed to plan a simple but enriching family reunion event. At the beginning of the month the family can select a family reunion coordinator or elect a family reunion committee chairperson. 

1. Announce family reunion plans
2. Rally family members to volunteer to assist in family reunion planning
3. Start forming your family reunion committee
4. Hold a family Reunion committee meeting
5. Establish family reunion theme, slogan, activities, etc.
6. Make preparations for the "Family Reunion Booklet"
7. Ask family members to bring photos of ancestors and those who
have recently passed away to a family dinner.
8. Collect recipes for the Family Reunion Booklet
9. Get information regarding family member businesses, honors,
education goals and other attainments.
10. Collect historic facts, stories of family legends, contributions and achievements, ect.
11. Interview eldest ancestors.
12. Enjoy the process of family reunion planning

Family Reunion Planning Week
The observance date is Nov 21-25. The purpose of Family Reunion Planning Week is to finalize family reunion plans started early in the month. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Week

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