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Family Recipes are going to be a regular part of my family reunion planning blog.
The blog is not just about family reunions. It's about family itself. Crafts, cooking, play time and making great memories. 

It's about baking, gardening and enjoying creation itself. It's about practical lessons learned raising the kids. The recipes I choose are those that are easy to make and most of all absolutely tastey. This is the board for discovering the limitless possibilities of home cooking and entertaining. 

I love creative cupcakes decorations. Colorful and tasty candies and other sweet but healthy goodies made from natures best. Home made soft drinks are a specialty or our board as well as spiced grilled meals. So what kind of recipes do you love? Tell us all about it on our Family Recipes Pinterest Board. 

If you like what you see lgo ahead and give it a try. I encourage being creative and innovative. So feel free to add or replace a recipe element and let us know how it turned out.

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