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Family Reunion Booklet Maker

Fimark's Family Reunion Booklet includes Beautiful Booklet Cover, Official Welcome Letter, Our Family History Page, Family Tree, Family Pedigree, Family Heirloom Document, In Memoriam Page, Itinerary, Dinner Banquet Program, Family Business Cards Display, Address/Phone Directory, Acknowledgements, Template For Family Crest, Blank Templates for adding other features including reunion events scrapbook.


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Fimark's Family Reunion Booklet Maker Templates

Family Reunion Booklet

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If you have not yet determined exactly what the  "Outline of Activities" will be, follow the family reunion tutorial and theme selection in the Family Reunion Planner you. The theme associated list of activities have proven inspiring and enriching for over 30 years embracing thousands of traditional reunion celebrations. 

The Family Reunion Planner also lays the groundwork for genealogy research and presentation that will prove valuable when making your family reunion book, booklet or scrapbook.

Making the family reunion booklet can be accomplished in as little as one night. Why not make the family reunion booklet a family activity spending an evening or two each month until the project is complete. Get your children involved in research, digging thru keepsake and love chests, unearthing time capsules and interviews. Your children will develop a pride and interest in family history like no other activity can inspire.

For more information on family reunion activities consult the family reunion planner organizer. 

- Mark Askew
Fimark's Family Reunion Planner

Family Reunion Planner Organizer and Booklet Maker

The Family Reunion Planner and Reunion Booklet Maker has everything needed to organize a successful  family reunion event while laying the groundwork for genealogy research and presentation.

Your family reunion organizer comes in three formats for ease of use. Microsoft Word format, PDF format, .doc and rich text format to use in any Word compatible processor.  Works with Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP and Windows Vista.

Create a memorable keepsake your family will enjoy for generations. The Family Reunion Booklet Maker is designed to work with your word processor. The pages are edited and printed from your home computer system.  Prints on 8.5X11 paper.  Use versatile quick binding methods that work best for you, including scrapbook binding, photo album insertion, loose-leaf binding, Slide Grip Report Cover binding and more.

You can also use the Booklet Maker software feature for presentations right from a CD to your computer screen.


Reunion Booklet Cover
Welcome Letter
Local Official Welcome Letter
Our Family History Page
Family Tree
Family Pedigree
Family Heirloom Document
In Memoriam Page
Outline of Family Reunion Activities
Dinner Banquet Program
Family Business Cards Display
Family Address Directory
Template For Family Crest
Blank Template for adding other features including reunion event scrapbook.

View Family Reunion Booklet Template below

Family Reunion Booklet Cover Chairperson Welcome Letter Welcome From 
Local Officials
Chairman Welcome template comes with Family Reunion
Welcome Letter samples with suggested document and  
text format
Our Family History In Memoriam Outline of Activities
Cemetery Transcription Document

Family Tree Maker

Family Pedigree
Ancestral Research 
Military Records Research Checklist
Heirloom Possession Verification Document


Dinner Banquet Program Family Business Cards Family Address Directory

Family Address Directory Acknowledgements Blank Sheets
Great For Adding 
Family Crest, Family History Digest, Photos of Heirlooms, Honored Elders, Ancestors, Reunion Event Scrapbook and More

Templates are designed to print on
Avery Standard Template labels, cards and tags

Name Tags/Badges - Print on Avery Standard Adhesive Name Badge # 5395

 2 1/3 x 3 3/", 8 labels per sheet, 400/Bx AVE05395 Create professional-looking name badges instantly with your laser or inkjet printer guaranteed printer performance. Self-adhesive badges adhere firmly yet remove easily.

Before printing invitations purchase envelops according to selected card and tag size. 

Invitations - Print on bi-fold note cards - 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" - 2 cards per sheet - Portrait

Avery Standard Template 3256, 3259, 3268, 3379, 5315, 8315, 8317

Greeting Card Size Invitations - Half-Fold Cards - 1 card per sheet 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

Avery Standard Template 3200, 3251, 3252, 3260, 3265, 3269, 8316

Greeting Cards - Half-Fold Cards - 1 card per sheet 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

Avery Standard Template 3200, 3251, 3252, 3260, 3265, 3269, 8316

Tent cards for table dinner table name placement � Print on medium tent cards - 2-1/2" x 8-1/2" - 2 cards per sheet Avery Standard Template 5305

Postcards - 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" - 4 cards per sheet � Portrait 3263, 3380, 8387

Fimark's award winning Family Reunion Planning Organizer also comes with 50 reunion planning and organizing templates and worksheets ideal for the reunion Planning Organizer enthusiast or reunion planning committee and subcommittees. 

The Reunion Planning Organizer also includes colorful reunion themed editable invitations, reunion flyers, awards certificate designer, Reunion themed stationary including family reunion correspondence letterhead with matching envelopes design and name tags. Also included are dinner table name card templates and much more. 

With the family reunion planning tips, guides and forms, as well as checklists and the detailed preparations timeline checklist, Family Reunion Booklet Maker  and correspondence kit you have everything you need to plan and organize the perfect family reunion event your loved ones will not quickly forget. 

Award Winning Family Reunion Planner

Everything you need to correspond with family reunion members 
is included in the edit and printout interface.

System requirements:  Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP2 or Vista . 
Microsoft Word, WordPad and Excel for editing.

Don't Have Microsoft Word or Excel?
Download Word and Excel Free! Get more information when 
ordering the Family Reunion Planning Organizer

Wait! There's More...

Need fresh reunion activity ideas? Get memorable reunion activity ideas,  packing  and travel tips, banquet program ideas and more. Your award winning Family Reunion Plann
er includes time and cost cutting tips and tools the stretch your dollar without sparing quality and good taste. Download your copy of the Family Reunion Planner now.

The templates can be downloaded as uncompressed files or ordered on CDROM. You'll get detailed step by step instructions for planning your reunion using the worksheets and templates. Instructions for assembling and printing your invitations, flyers, postcards and newsletter are also included. 

Your Family Reunion Planning Organizer Includes Over 50 Reunion Planning Templates: 

  • Excel T-Shirt Roster 
  • Family Web-page
  • Hotel Booking Sheet
  • Family Reunion Tutorial
  • Reunion Planning Organizer Budget list and Calculation Tool 
  • Planning Time Line Reminder
  • Site Location Sheet
  • Tasks Scheduling Worksheet
  • Reunion Needs List
  • Lunch Planning Organizer
  • Reunion Planning Organizer Checklist
  • PLUS! Family Genealogy Research Tools Deluxe Edition Planning Organizer Only

    • Cemetery transcription form
    • Ancestral research 
      work sheet
    • Military records research checklist
    • Heirloom possession verification
    • Family Genealogy Tree
  • Family Reunion Booklet Maker Templates
  • Attendee Registration Workbook 
  • Family Reunion Agenda
  • Committees Assignment Sheets
  • Reunion Evaluation Sheets
  • Activity Ideas Check List
  • Reunion Events Sheet
  • Reunion Invitations/flyer
  • Reunion Post Cards 
  • Reunion Welcome Letter
  • Reunion Labels 
  • Reunion Name Tags
  • Dinner Table Place Cards 
  • Envelope Designer 
  • Official Correspondence Letter Head 
  • Reunion Activities
  • Music Selection Sheet
  • Reunion Awards Certificates
  • Directions/Map
  • Next Reunion event Planning Organizer

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