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Family Reunion Gifts Momentos Keesake Party Favors

Family Reunion Gifts Momentos & Party Favors A - Z

Obviously you want favors that will connect with the theme of the family reunion event.  
Something that will uphold family interests, promote family legends, 
historic events and can be used as a token of the occasion. 


Simple Easy To Make Party Favors

Cookies with family reunion crest impression baked in.

A framed family certificate and reunion events program tied with golden ribbon. Download a Family-Reunion-Certificate Template  

Inside the rolled certificate is a wrapped candy roll. (smarties candy roll, bag of mixed nuts, home made pecan roll, you get the idea.)

Plastic tea cups with a hand made greeting card Inside featuring the family Surnames, Family Crest and wrapped chocolates, tea or coffee bags and such.  Bigelow Tea Chest, Variety Pack of Eight Flavors, Tea Bags, 64-Count Chest

Hershey Kisses. Inner ribbon has the family surnames imprinted.

Miniature dry fruit baskets with dry fruit, jellybeans and small Hershey kisses. Print your family surnames on the ribbon. Add miniature card on with family crest, surnames event date and event location.

 Moderate Family Reunion Party Favors

A colorful helium filled balloon with family crest and surnames imprinted. Balloons tied to a candy net tied in ribbon

A family reunion baseball cap imprinted with family crest and filled with candies, nuts, dried fruit and kisses and ornaments that provide clues to historic moments related to the family .

Simply Marvelous Party Favors

Pocket sized photo album of generations past and present. Miniature certificate and pictures of artifacts associated with the.  Ornamental family crest secured to album cover. Make it here

Rather Lavish Reunion Gifts

Key chain, pen or pen light with family reunion crest imprinted. Stuffed inside a porcelain teacup full of exotic candies and chocolates. Make it here

Camera and photo album to record the special event. camera and photo albums

Poetic Art Framed Gifts

During a family reunion program many are deeply moved by poems presented by recital. Such poems take on new meaning with the passing of time.  They are a stamp in time that give a memory it's substance and a mission it's value.

Poetic art is a combination of Legendary Heritage Heirlooms series art and the poems of Mark Askew. Family reunion themed poetic art is a unique concept in design and presentation. These art forms make an excellent keepsake gift particularly attendees who are or who aspire to become elders of the paternal house. Print and download or order framed and artist signed poetic art.

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Other Family Reunion Momento and Gift Ideas

Family Reunion Keepsake Booklet
One of the most practicable memorable gifts
Download a Family Reunion Keepsake Booklet Template

An entertainment book in the area code the family likes to dine, shop and entertain.
Get them 2010-11 Entertainment Books and add proceeds to the family treasury.

Does your family like the outdoors, BBQ's, picnics, shopping or playing in the park? They'll love these cute 
Keepsake momento tote bags and matching canvas shoes

Beautifully designed memento family reunion T-shirts with family surnames Preview here

Have a familly of master chefs? Maybe not but they sure can cook can't they? Get them a momento famiy Reunion Master Cook Apron
Master Cook Aprons

  Gift Cards
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Select from a variety of colorful card face designs and occasion themes. Give a gift to family, friends, co-workers and business associates. Bulk orders available.

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Next Level Eatable Gifts and Mementos

Framed and matted digital copy of family certificate signed by government official in a gift picnic basket complete with cheeses, sausage roll, wine or some bubbly. Provide one to each household.
Family-reunion-certificate template

Contributed by Mark Askew, Founder of Fimark Event Planning Organizers, home of the award winning family reunion planning resource.

5 Star Award Winning Family Reunion Planner Organizer
Absolutely everything you need to plan. organize and manage 
a memorable, meaningful and fun family reunion 
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