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Best Family Reunion 
Web Site Builders Reviewed 

Web Site Builders Reviewed 
Fimark Home Online Reviews 5 Family Reunion Website Builders - Which Pass The Test?

Hello Family Reunion Planners!
I have used and reviewed several family reunion websites.  Among them are, Facebook,, and Blog at My criteria for review is an application that is more than a single page and features widgets, lists, the family reunion date and  coundown app, activities, dinner program,  photos, online payments, a way to RSVP online, file upload features and download features, a message board, a way to blog and send messages to all reunion attendees. The website should also provide a means of posting and receiving completed surveys from attendees. - Boasts the largest social network for families. Still the whose online feature usually lists no more that five users online at a time. It's interface consists of a few  webpages useful for displaying family reunion event information. Still the application allows you to upload photos to a free photo gallery to share with family and friends. You can also add a profile and update it.  

The applicatioin enables users to add a reunion announcement along with up-to-date information about you, your family and your upcoming reunion ? You can even include your own YouTube video from your last reunion or recent family event. Updating and uploading information is easy and user friendly but it sometimes gets a little buggy. Amount of data entry is limited. Your page remains a subdirectory from the root directory. Certifications and security protocols not visibly verified as implemented. Terms of service and privacy policy not visible.

Facebook - Certainly a popular alterntive to webpages.  Features a very detailed profile form.  Add photo albums, post announcments and make use of hundreds of widgets that do just about everything you can imagine over a social network. Send digital ecards and other gifts. Chat online. Create polls and surveys. Not a bad social net application. But one drawback is that the amount of content you can post at a time is limited. Much of the posted data can get lost in the sauce as daily blurbs are not organized like a blog. Still many a user has setup facebook for family reunion event announcements, photo and video sharing as well as updates.
Terms of service and privacy policy visible. - The fact that you can add music, photos, surveys and still have plenty of room for additional content make this web builder a consideration. But graphics are of low quality and the overall design and format is a bit outdated. Certifications  and security protocols are not visibly verified. Terms of service and privacy policy not visible.

Blog at - Popular article and blog application that boast featuring the best of 354,235 bloggers and 692,929 new posts. Someone is pleased with it. The Wordpress Blog application has been optimized to connect and share organized data across several social applications. Certifications and security protocols verified as implemented. Terms of service and privacy policy are visible. - This reunion website builder is family reunion specific and has been featured in Martha Stewart's Living, LIFE magazine, The famouse "...For Dummies Books", FamilyReunion Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. So what's so great about this Family Reunion Webiste Builder? Here is just a partial list of features. You decide for yourself. And if the list is not enough to convince you consider taking them up on the free test drive offer at no cost to you.  

Collect Attendee Reunion Payments Easily
Reduce the stress of collecting ticket payments by having family members purchase tickets with a credit card on a secure page right on your reunion website! 

Accept Donations
Raise funds using the Donations page on your reunion website.

Who's coming
Automatically display who has RSVP'd and/or bought tickets to your event.

Broadcast Email
Update family members on event details or important information at any time. 

Message boards allow family members to communicate before and after the reunion. 

Event Cost Estimator - Budget
Keep track of event costs

Share Event Planning Data With Committee
Committee members can logon and view data and download documents

Photo Albums - Unlimited Photos
Photo Albums make it easy and enjoyable to browse through photos. Albums organized by event, family members, or by date are used with much success.

Site on CD
Keepsake of your reunion website mailed to you on CD.

Event Date Countdown

Family Calendar 
Event Calendar features all your families special events

Promote On Facebook
Promote your event on Facebook 

Promote On Twitter
Promote your family reunion website by connecting your Twitter account to your website.

Let people choose their own donation amount or set specific increment levels (ex: $25, $50, $75, $100). Each donation page features a thermometer that displays the goal amount.

Take Polls & Surveys
Find out the preferred activity options of your family members 

Password Protection

Send & Track Invitations 
Easily send and track invitations to your family members using the broadcast email tool. You can send reminders before your event and Thanks You's after your event.

You can add and delete people from the invitation list easily so your list is always up-to-date. Also, you can track invitations that you send by snail mail (regular post)

Directions and Maps
Add a map for any destination simply by entering the civic address. The map will show how to navigate to your reunion so you don't have to! You can include more than one map to help direct family members to multiple events.

Event Details
This page saves you time by clearly displaying all the information relevant to the event.
Post a picture of the venue, include special access information, parking information, any information to help the guests!

RSVP Management
Family members can RSVP to the reunion on your website, saving time and postage money. You can add questions to the RSVP page to prompt responses from your family members to help with the planning. Ex. You can include meal selections with this tool.

The family reunion website developer is BBB Online reliable, VeriSign secure, reviewed by Truste, PCI Certified and you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

So what is this highly recommended family reunion website builder? They call it I call it  " It's About Time!" 

Right now they're offering a free trial so you can build it and see for yourself what a family reunion website builder can do.

That said this one is the best I've seen so far. I give it 5 stars.


Mark Askew is editor of Fimark Home Online, developers of Fimark's award winning Family Reunion Planner.

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