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      The Hartwell - Jenkins 
Family WebSpace 

Next Reunion Date: 7-11-07

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Hartwell and Jenkins
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Hartwell Family News 

Carla Hartwell is back on her feet. She is even running and wants to thank everyone for thier kinds words, cards and kind messages written on this site. 

Little Jon wants all of you to know he grew a who inch this summer. Good for you little Jon, or should we say bigger Jon?

The Hartwell estate has finally been renovated thanks to everyone's support. It took three long years but in the last few months thanks to good communication and live updates you have all rallied and now the job is done. We look forward to the Homestead tour where everyone can see the finished product. It's a beauty.

Nanna, (99 years and going strong) says Hi! 


Hartwell Family Businesses

Gourmet Cakes And Party Favors
512 Dubland, Baltimore MD 21216

Online Art Gallery and Portrait Studio
926 Cator Ave, Baltimore MD 21218

Commercial Residential Real Estate
555 Chesterlee Court Baltimore 21212

Commercial Wood Finishing

Mortgage Loans and Refinancing

The Fimark Network
926 Cator Ave, Baltimore MD 21218

My Wedding Planner

Genealogy Research Toolkit

Hartwell Tool Warehouse 

Benny's Restaurant

Donna's Beauty Salon

Misty's Vintage Clothers

Jones Autos 

Hefners Jewelry Shop



About Us 


A History of Hartwells

The Hartwells are descendants of Charles Hartwell, a free farm hand born 1809 in South Carolina. Charles son Jean inherited the plantation turning it into a thriving commercial enterprise. 

Charles and Jean were known for their spunk, intelligence, good business ethics and positive outlook, not to mention a robust sense of humor and hankering for good old country cooking.  

Jeans sons were trained by local tradesmen.
These sold the estate and entered the distribution and trucking industry. Many estate artifacts remain as family heirlooms. As of January 2006 we are the seventh generation of Hartwells.

The Jenkins are a branch off of Hartwells from the third generation. Visit the Jenkins Webspace here

Family Lineage

Family Lineage:
Charles Hartwell - married  - Linda Hartwell 
  Born  1809           1839          Born 1820
   Jean   Sidney   Kate   Garland   

Jean married Laonia 1867
Jona George Jason Malinda Jane

Sidney married Patricia 1865
Holly Jeanine Beuford Ladina Janell

Kate married Alderman Radisson 1868
Jewel Benedict Pearl Ruby Jamison

Garland  died 1862 (did not marry)

Download Family Pedigree


Special Event Announcements

Welcome to the Hartwell - Jenkins Family WebSpace. 

Our next family reunion is underway.
  Go here to Get more information. We will rendezvous in Atlanta at The Marriott Hotel 213 Bolton Street.

 Check the calendar for upcoming events
Here are some highlights.
Sam and Gena Hartwell Anniversary

Loid and Brenda Jenkins hosting a picnic in the park. 4/21/2007


Family Recipes

Sweet Moist and Crunchy Corn Bread
Cross Bow Apple Pie
Rum Raisin Peach Cobbler
Pickle Loaf
Spicy Souse
Kick'n Egg Nog 
Dandelion Wine

The Hartwell - Jenkins
 Family Photo Slide Show


The first recorded Hartwell - Jenkins Family Reunion began in 1879. The 127th Hartwell - Jenkins Family Reunion began with a bang on Thursday so that we could take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend where most of us had considerable time off from secular work. 

The parents joined our young ones at play. The trip to the old country was so much fun. A great opportunity to watch our city folk enjoy the slow life on the farm that our ancestors eXP erienced daily. 

There were  water rides, water balloon toss, bubble blowing machines, kite flying, horse and buggy rides, cow milking demos and apple cider and candy apple making, Yum!

Now you can sign up for the 2007 family reunion by paying dues online, email us or call 433-020-0606 for post mail instructions. 

Some one you emailed and asked for extra T-shirts. You can order them here on the page. 

Thanks for sending us our success story using the send a message feature on this page. They were great and inspiring. I sobbed on a few of them. We will be posting your stories tonight. 

Yes the auction is live and you can put in your bid for the Homestead Heirloom now. Thanks to all you have posted bids. Look like after a few more bids we will have the funds to make our next family reunion a sure success. 

Love to you all!



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