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Family Reunion Planning Month

There is no better way to spend your next 12 months than planning your family reunion and November is the ideal month to get started.

The Family Reunions Planners Group was formed in 2005 in membership with Legendary Heritage Heirlooms. The 2000 and more members spread across the nation and beyond have made this an international observance. 

Helping Thousands of Families Like Yours

Since 2004 The family reunion planning group has been helping thousands of families the world over enjoy meaningful activities that promote strong family ties thereby making communities stronger and economies more stable.

During the month of November and the months to follow family reunion planners are deeply involved in genealogy research and presentation, family crafts like quilting, knitting and photography. It's a time of year for recipe collection and swapping as well as story telling and visiting the homestead. 

Not a member of the Family Reunion Planners Group? Join the movement, get inspired, enjoy event planning support and share your event planning ideas with the world. 

How Can I Support The Movement?

Do what over 2000 are doing.  Plan your own family reunion event. Make use of the resources and apps you find on this site. And above all get inspired. Get Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social Web App.

Contribute to the cause and get event planning support. 

We are now accepting donations via purchase of Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Keepsake and Guide book or Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Social Web App for $39. Your donation comes with support for free family reunion banner design, photo restoration services and keepsake booklet maker support all found in Fimark's Family Reunion Planner web app. A bonus gift for your donation. 

Once you've purchased Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Social Web app you will then be an official member of The Family Reunion Planners Groups. As a Family Reunion Planners Group member you will have access to our support team via

Family Reunion Cruise Ideas

Want to rest, relax, unwind and enjoy a vacation reunion celebration? 

That's the whole ideas behind family reunion cruises. You'll find activities the whole family can enjoy. Boredom is not an option when something exciting, engaging and fascinating is always happening aboard ship. Most family reunion cruisers atree. You can't go wrong with a cruise vacation. Read more about fun fantastic and lively
Family Reunion Cruises


Great Family Reunion Entertainment Ideas

What to do? You won't believe your eyes when you start using the family reunion activities lookup feature. 

Find fun entertaining family reunion activities just a click away. Find out what's going on in your events hometown. Lookup parks, concerts tourist attractions, bus and train trips, cruises and shows happening at your reunion events destination and map out your reunion itinerary. Start planning now.
Lookup Reunion Fun!



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