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Fimark Products News Updates and Press Releases 


Fimark Announces November as "Family Reunion Month" - A new annual observance helps families plan for a very special time of year. The family reunion.
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Monday, November 26, 2007 8:00:20 AM EDT 


Fimark's Family Genealogy And Reunion Planning Organizer

Family reunion event planning and genealogy research tools is a growing industry. This product makes planning and organizing family reunion events and genealogy research a productive and fulfilling task. No need to learn new software or read hours of instructions. 

Fimark's Legendary Heritage Heirlooms Family Reunion Planning Organizer comes complete with evaluation sheets, activity ideas check lists, event detail sheets, site location sheets, scheduling worksheets, committees assignment sheets, reunion needs lists, meal Planning Organizer checklists, time line preparation reminders, genealogy research forms such as a pedigree chart, family group sheet, cemetery transcription form, ancestral research work sheet, military records research checklist, heirloom possession verification. 

Monday, June 25, 2007 12:34:20 PM EDT 

Family Reunion Day Planning Organizer Folio released it's new Family Reunion Planning Organizer folio. An event planning filing system and day Planning Organizer all in one. The three-ring binder and folio holds over 75 8-1/2 x 11 pages and has 1 pouch and 10 pockets for due collection, business cards, flyers, calculators, PDA and phone. 

A smart way to keep all your papers organized and quickly accessible. complete with calendar/ day Planning Organizer, address book, calculator, pen and notebook along with the reunion Planning Organizer worksheets in a beautiful 3 ring durable Polished Deep Brown Leather/Vinyl Binder. Has 7 pocket holders, zip pouch and file organizer. Smooth zip around closure. Comes with the Award Winning Family Reunion Planning Organizer on CDROM.

Includes the following:

Award winning Family Reunion 
Planning Organizer on CDROM 
Handy reference pages 
Zip pouch 
Monthly calendar Planning Organizer 
Address & phone directory 
24-sheet lined note pad 
Business/credit card holder 
Cell phone holder 
Pouch for PDA, calculator, portable
hard drive or slim line camera 

See more details at

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 7:56:11 AM EDT 

Family Reunion T-Shirts Order Form

The Family Reunion T-shirt Designer now has all the bells and whistles you'd come to expect from a T-shirt design site and more. The Reunion T-shirt Designer interface processes T-shirts orders of 50 or more. The Designer is located at It allows the user to choose from a wide variety of inspirational full color graphics. Choose T-shirt color, graphics, font, add event theme and Theme in the following step thru process: 

1. T-shirt Color
2. Wording of Event Theme
3. Wording of Theme
4. Color of Text
5. Graphic Logo

The fees, shipping and taxes are calculated before submission so there are no hidden fees. 

The award winning Family Reunion Planning Organizer Software includes the T-shirt Roster and Reunion Registration Dues Ledger. Fimark is offering the complete Reunion Planning Suite to all T-shirt Patrons for a limited time.

The T-shirt Roster is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. It allows the user to input orders according to individual name, address, age group, t-shirt size, number of shirts per person and balance paid/owed. It should be designed to help you double check your entries for accuracy and therefore calculate the entries in several different directions. 

The Family Reunion T-shirt Designer and Roster is also part of a Reunion Planning Organizer Career Kit for career minded event Planning Organizers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 12:25:50 AM EDT 

New Family Reunion Planning Organizer Software Features

Added new family reunion planning article that introduces new features of the latest version of the family reunion Planning Organizer and steps thru the family reunion process using new software version features. Read articles at

Updated Family Reunion Planning Organizer Software description on to include recent version of the family reunion Planning Organizer software with the attendee registration dues ledger and survey calculation feature in excel spreadsheet format.

Revamped web page text spacing issues and added party supplies vendors online merchants order page to family reunion Planning Organizer and party Planning Organizer websites. http://party-Planning

Updated information on the Fimark Site regarding recent updates additions and website changes

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 10:17:19 PM EDT Family 

Reunion Attendees Registry and Guest List Roster

Newly added to the award winning Family Reunion Planning Organizer. The Attendees Registry and Guest List Roster. The Family Reunion Attendees Registry and Guest List Roster is just one feature found in the award winning Family Reunion Planning Organizer. 

Users enter names and addresses by surname relation. The Attendees worksheets calculates the number of entries for a total head count and tallies number of households. 

Figure out the overall cost of the reunion using the expense/supplies list calculation tool

Users can keep an account of registration payments. Enter dues balance owed per person/household. Keep track of special needs of reunion members such as handicaps, allergies, etc. Enter travel distances and calculate the average distance per household. Compare previous reunion attendees to current reunion attendees. Add up T-shirt orders. Keep track of activity and menu surveys. Keep track of delegated assignments. Find out more about the Family Reunion Planning Organizer

Monday, March 12, 2007 4:55:08 PM EDT 

New Family Reunion Planning Organizer Software Download Features

Planning a family reunion can require a bit of number crunching, budgeting and other tasks requiring tools that make accounting a whole lot easier. The Family Reunion Planning Organizer T-shirt Roster is now updated with new features to help reunion Planning Organizers keep up with sizes ordered and balances owed. There are also crosscheck and amount verification features so household orders are not entered in error. 

After Legendary Heritage Heirlooms compiled one of the finest award winning family reunion event planning software packages including essential planning documents, time line checklists Planning Organizer and T-shirt Roster the award winning reunion Planning Organizer is now featured at

Free reunion software download Includes: Five family reunion event Planning Organizers. Family reunion evaluation sheets, activity ideas check lists, event detail sheets, site location sheets, scheduling worksheets, committees assignment sheets, reunion needs lists, meal Planning Organizer checklists, time line preparation reminders. Family reunion booklet maker, invitation template, name tag template, table place card template, welcome letter template, reunion flyer template and more, and address list templates and T-shirt Roster.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007 1:40:10 AM EST 

Family Reunion Planning Organizer Browser Editing and Real Time Sharing Online

Now Users of the award winning Fimark Family Reunion Planning Organizer can utilize Browser editing and real time sharing of Planning Organizer documents, worksheets, templates and spreadsheets while online. 

The system requirements for viewing editing and sharing Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Organizer worksheets once required at the very least a functional WordPad program provided by Windows XP.

Recommended software included a full version of MS Word to read
planning tips and guides, edit reunion planning documents and
worsheets and print the colorful flyers and reunion themed stationary
for correspondence as well as MS Excel when using the T-
shirt Roster.

Great news! Now user no longer need MS Word or Excel to run from thier computers desktop. Thanks to users can view, edit and share reunion Planning Organizer worksheets with other members of the reunion
Planning Organizer team online and edit or add info in real time for others to
view and share privately and securely. has launched "Google Docs & Spreadsheets." The program accepts most popular file formats, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, etc. So go ahead and upload your existing files; all your formatting and formulas will come
through intact and can be edited and printed from your browser.

Users should get the latest version of the award winning Family Reunion Planning Organizer

Offline editing still requires Microsoft WordPad or Microsoft Word or
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF version.

Thursday, January 25, 2007 12:15:28 PM EST 

Family Reunion Planning Organizer Updates

New additions to the family reunion Planning Organizer include three newly added family reunion planning articles with tips and guides. 

Receiving The Torch of Family Reunion Planning Organizer - Find out how to organize a family reunion from the family reunion committee level. Learn how to use Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Organizer to get the word out and the committee tasks assigned. The article explain the importance of timely follow-up as well. 

Planning Family Reunion Homestead Tours - This article helps reunion Planning Organizers organize a homestead tour sure to fascinate family members young and old. The hands on projects make use of the research of the family reunion genealogy committee explained in Fimark's Family Reunion Planning Organizer. 

Making the Family Reunion Meaningful and Memorable - This articles address sensitive issues regarding family relationships at the reunion event. How to help family members appreciate their reasons for being there. It explains how to set a common objective in motion and ways to motivate family members to focus on family unity, building on principles, virtues and moral strength. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 11:47:29 AM EST 

Party Supplies Added To Party Planning Organizer

Fimark has entered an affiliate advertising partnership with to aid party Planning Organizers seeking theme party supplies and educators seeking school supplies and costumes for plays and concerts and other class events find what's needed.

Updated Party Planning Organizer at with party specific supplies resources including supplies for the following parties:

Baby Shower Supplies
Bridal Shower Supplies
Wedding and Reception Supplies
Anniversary Party Supplies
Theme Party Supplies
Anniversary School Supplies
Elementary School Supplies
Supplies for Teachers
Day Care Supplies
Home School Supplies

The party Planning Organizer now enables users to get the supplies they need for all their party planning and organizing needs. Happy party planning!

Sunday, January 21, 2007 1:15:30 PM EST Helps Reunion Planning Organizers Get Connected

Planning and organizing the family reunion just go a whole lot easier. They key to putting together an extraordinary family reunion event is in good planning from start to finish. To that end the family reunion Planning Organizer resource at has gone to great lengths to make vital tools, news and materials a part of it's family reunion planning network. Plan reunion events with ease. Order reunion supplies online. Find out how to get your plans off the page and into motion.

Now users can invite other users to check out various features of the site using the "tell a friend" and text to cell phone feature. They will be glad you contacted them. 

Thursday, January 18, 2007 2:30:30 PM EST

New Planning Organizer Worksheet Features For Family Reunion Committee Groups

One of the special features of the family reunion event Planning Organizer is the reunion committee activities sheet with detailed instructions on how to form a family reunion committee, meeting agenda and associated committee member assignments. 

A major challenge committees face is to avoid allowing committee member assignments overlap. Therefore when holding your initial committee meetings be certain to pass on written instructions for each department including the various assignments, tasks and materials these will need.

The Family Reunion Planning Organizer software package contains information regarding committee member duties and detailed subcommittee assignments instructions is a must. Now the chairman can print and pass out the departmental instruction sheets for review at the initial meeting. 

Monday, January 15, 2007 2:30:30 PM EST
Award Winning
Family Reunion Planner Organizer 
Friend of the Family award-winner!

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