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Family Reunion Planner Organizer
Everything you need to plan and organize a successful family reunion.

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What Types of Reunion Planning Software Packages Do You Offer?

Complete Planner Download
Reunion Planner On Download/CDROM
Reunion Planner Download, CDROM and in Bound Print Booklet.

What does the Family Reunion Planner consist of?

A written reunion planner tutorial featuring organization tips, step by step guide to forming a reunion committee, 
department  assignment worksheets, working out action items and follow-up procedures. 

A family reunion planner in excel workbook format complete with Attendee Roster, T-shirt Roster with Payment Calculation, Survey Intake Report, Dues Ledger, Special Needs Notation, Timeline Checklist Planner, Budget, Supplies and Materials Checklist.

The reunion materials and supplies list with budgeting and calculation tools help you stay with your projected spending limits, keep funds in check and allows you to compare costs and spend thrift. The planner software also includes over 50 must have printable templates.

What Family Reunion Planner templates are included?

The Family Reunion Planner software comes with the Planning Timeline Checklist Organizer, Planning Tutorial and Guides, Member Registry Worksheet (includes dues calculation guest list activity and meals survey) Money and Time Saving Tips, Family Reunion Booklet Maker, Invitations and Flyers, Official Reunion Chairperson Correspondence Stationary, Welcome Letter, Local Official Welcome Letter
, Our Family History Page, In Memoriam Page, Outline of Activities, Dinner Banquet Program, Family Business Cards, Family Address Directory, Acknowledgements, T-Shirt Roster with Calculator,  Budgeting Tool, Traditional and Non-traditional Family Family Reunion Planners, Blank Template and more. Compatible with Windows and Mac Platforms

I love the idea of using artsy reunion theme templates to correspond with reunion members, vendors, business and government and community officials. But I don't have Microsoft Word or Excel. How do I access the files and edit them?

Don't Have Microsoft Word or Excel?
To work around this we recommend the following:

1.  Download the 60 day fully functional trail version of Microsoft Word 2007 here

2.  Download a free text editor/reader that reads Word Documents such as the reader/writer featured at 

3.  Purchase a Word compatible wor processing office suite at

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Is the software compatible with a Mac? 

If you are accustomed to reading and editing MS Word documents created from Windows platforms such as XP or XP2 you should have no  problem using our product on your iBook.  A way to test this is simply by calling up a Word document (.doc) using Googles search engine.

Testing your system for compatibility: Go to the Google search site.  Enter keywords "test.doc" in the search box and submit. The results will bring up several MS documents. Click on the document. Your browser will either bring up the MS word document or the MS Word icon will appear on your browser menu bar. Click on it. If the document opens your system is likely compatible with our award winning Family Reunion Planning software.

I see you provide blank pages with the same art design as the templates. How do I add text to it? 

The blank pages with art backdrop is designed to be used to add additional templates to your Suite of 50 templates. Use the black page for other Booklet pages or as stationary for letters and notices. Simply place a text box over (or on top of) the pages background image. 

There is not enough room on the page for my text. What do I do? 

Simply shorten the text content or add another page.

Highlight the blank template and past it on top of a new page. You can now continue adding text to the new page.

How are the files formatted?

The templates are in Microsoft word, adobe acrobat reader and WordPad format. The Workbook is in Microsoft Excel format spreadsheet. You'll get detailed instructions for downloading the files, and complete step by step instructions for adding and editing text.

What do I get when downloading the software?

Everything as listed on this page.

Edit your family reunion documents as many times and you  like. Print from your PDA, Desktop or Laptop. 

Can I just purchase the CDROM?

Yes. You can purchase the complete Family Reunion Planner on CDROM. The CDROM comes with all the features mentioned above plus a complete suite of genealogy research and presentation tools for genealogy presentation and reunion homestead  tours and bonus features. 

Allow 7-10 Business days for delivery on non-holiday seasons. Delivery time may vary.   
Download Your Copy Now! Award Winner 
 Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Organizer 

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Compatible with Windows and Mac Platforms

 FamilyReunion.comAward Winner 
Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Organizer 

Friend of the Family award-winner!

Award Winning Family Reunion Planning Organizer
Absolutely everything you need to plan. organize and manage a memorable, 
meaningful and fun family reunion 
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System Requirements:

    Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Pocket PC, PDA   
    with one of the following: Windows  98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista   
    32 MB RAM minimum  24 MB of free hard disk space for program files.  The file size is approximately 24 MB 
    Screen  800x600 minimum  (1024x768 recommended) 
    Online Editing: Template and worksheet viewing and editing  require the documents  reader/editor. 

    Offline Editing: Microsoft WordPad or Microsoft Word or 
    Adobe  Acrobat Reader for PDF version.   

Copyrights:  Only one copy required per household. Software may not be copied and distributed for use by other households. Secure Payment SSL Secure Server Transaction Technology

Privacy/Secure Payment Policy

Your personal identifiable information is transmitted over a secure server using the latest ID protection technology.  We do not pass personal identifiable information  to a third party nor use it for advertising purposes.   Legendary Heritage Heirlooms, a Company - Financial Marketing Network, Inc. For customer service email

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