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Family Reunion Planning Guide
A guide in the form of a checklist that helps the family reunion coordinator/planner in the planning stages of organizing a family reunion event. 

The coordinator/chairpersons duties include finalizing the initial planning for the next family reunion. He or she should send out surveys to collect feedback regarding dates and location of the event. Communicate with family members who are free to conference and discuss elements of the planning process. Elect other family reunion committee members. The committee should consider certain reunion preparation elements such as the following.

Choose a family reunion theme

Consider a motivational slogan

Arrange a historic genealogy tour

Schedule a grave site visit

Plan a luncheon or dinner program.

Write and direct skits regarding historic characters and notable events.

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Family Reunion Planning Week
Fimark Event Planners, an event planning resource for family oriented gathering is spear heading an observance to promote family values. Family Reunion Planning Week. The observance date is Nov 21-25. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Week

Family Reunion Planning Month
Family reunion planners do well to start planning the family reunion event the year prior to. To that end Fimark Event Planners is promoting the observance of Family Reunion Planning Month in the Month of November. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Month

Fimark's Family Reunion Resource
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