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Family Reunion Planning Week
An observance centered around family reunion planning to promote family values. November 21-25.  

Family Reunion Planning Week
Fimark's Family Reunion Planning organization designates November 21-25 "Family Reunion Planning
Week". The purpose of the observance is to raise awareness of the need to promote and maintain family values. During this week families are encouraged to finalize initial family reunion planning tasks.

These tasks include:
Collecting family reunion planning surveys and creating a report to be presented to the family reunion planning committee. Deciding on the date, location and activities. Collecting all information, documents, memoirs, records,  photographs and other reunion event related items. 

Family Reunion Planning Month
Family reunion planners do well to start planning the family reunion event the year prior to. To that end Fimark Event Planners is promoting the observance of Family Reunion Planning Month in the Month of November. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Month

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