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Definition of Family Reunions
Usually an annual event scheduled on a specified day for the purpose of strengthening family ties.  

Amateur and professional genealogists have discovered the power of family history and shared them with siblings and elders particularly at family reunions. Early family reunion events were marked by social, political and economic  change. Records of family history of the 18th and early 19th century were often the result of families and individuals having separated from other close family members including fathers, mothers, cousins, aunts and uncles in order to survive. 

That said, family reunion events have a deep impact on surviving family members.  It is a time when past history, bravery and courage in the face of hardship is remembered and the "good times" are celebrated in the form of stories, skits, song and music. It is a time where the recipes of the homeland can be shared and the festive aspects of a culture can be enjoyed. 

According to the family reunion institute at Temple University the family reunion event is an important function of society in that it instills a sense of belonging and concern, transmitting a sense of identity and direction, and strengthening values. "It's thrilling to learn of newly formed family reunion committees set on establishing stronger ties." says Mark Angelo Askew, founder of Fimark's award winning family reunion resource. See "About Family Reunions"

"Our first family reunion was in 1993"
Reid Reunion 1993

"first family reunion was in 1950"

"Peter Still was reunited with his family in 1850"

Mark continues, "To that end it is our pleasure to designate two special annual observances. Family Reunion Planning Week and Family Reunion Planning month both to be held in the month of November. A time when families normally come together and someone muster up the courage to suggest a family reunion event." 

Family Reunion Planning Week
Fimark Event Planners, an event planning resource for family oriented gathering is spear heading an observance to promote family values. Family Reunion Planning Week. The observance date is Nov 21-25. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Week

Family Reunion Planning Month
Family reunion planners do well to start planning the family reunion event the year prior to. To that end Fimark Event Planners is promoting the observance of Family Reunion Planning Month in the Month of November. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Month

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