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Family Genealogy
The study of family history. The study of and compilation of historic records related to a family and extensions of the family tree. 
Family Tree
A family tree is generally the totality of one's ancestral line represented as a tree chart used in genealogy 

Old and young alike are often drawn into a cultural renaissance, researching old records, writing poetry and telling  stories of family legends. Often family members are inspired to perform historical skits at the annual reunions and thus building a strong sense of the family's heritage.  

Genealogy Research and Family Reunion Planning
Family reunions are often organized by baby-boomers who have much to do with researching the family tree and documenting the family lineage. Planned family reunion events feature themes, slogans, historic genealogy tours, grave site visits and a luncheon or dinner program. At these events ancestors and living elders are often acknowledged and honored. The family reunion planning guide outlines primary features of traditional family reunions. 

Read about the family reunion planning guide.

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Family Reunion Planning Week
Fimark Event Planners, an event planning resource for family oriented gathering is spear heading an observance to promote family values. Family Reunion Planning Week. The observance date is Nov 21-25. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Week

Family Reunion Planning Month
Family reunion planners do well to start planning the family reunion event the year prior to. To that end Fimark Event Planners is promoting the observance of Family Reunion Planning Month in the Month of November. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Month

Fimark's Family Reunion Resource
Legendary Heritage Heirlooms

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