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There are a number of themes and activities that can be incorporated into the family reunion event that will make it all the more enriching and meaning. Here are just a few.

Historic Skits
The skits can highlight a pivotal point in the families history. Participants  will enjoy research period customs, dialogue, costumes, etc.

Story Telling
Certain family members have the gift of story-telling can bring to life tales of ancestors and their accomplishments. Life lessons can be taught and a greater interest in family history and the ties that bind can be stimulated. 

Genealogy Tours
Take the family on an exciting tour of important hot spots including the homestead, the towns that family settled into, the machines they worked and street they walked as well as activities they immersed themselves into. 

Genealogy Presentations
Present historic documents and vintage artifacts that center on the times and locations of ancestors.  

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Family Reunion Planning Week
Fimark Event Planners, an event planning resource for family oriented gathering is spear heading an observance to promote family values. Family Reunion Planning Week. The observance date is Nov 21-25. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Week

Family Reunion Planning Month
Family reunion planners do well to start planning the family reunion event the year prior to. To that end Fimark Event Planners is promoting the observance of Family Reunion Planning Month in the Month of November. Read more about Family Reunion Planning Month

Fimark's Family Reunion Resource
Legendary Heritage Heirlooms

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